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WoLF Studios MKE is a Black-Owned multimedia, multi-genre arts production studio. We provide Organizations and Independent Creators with Project Management, Artist Booking and Management, Entertainment Design and Space Activation.

Our commitment is the eradication of the starving artists mind set through solution focused, innovative design and execution. 

WoLF Studios MKE

Founded in 2019, WoLF Studios MKE has gone through many metamorphosis as we’ve come to better understand the needs of our community. Launching as a primarily black dance company, pivoting to rectify the lack of visibility for Artist of Color during COVID-19 and now tackling the ongoing challenges of preparedness and opportunity that professional Artists of Color face on a daily basis; WoLF Studios has consistently strived to build an ecosystem of support and inspiration for the artists, future artists and arts appreciators of our city.


We believe that Art is integral to understanding the human experience and a catalyst for solving many of the social challenges our communities currently face. Through a commitment to excellence and professionalism, we aim to shape a future that showcases Milwaukee as a contender in the national arts community.

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