WoLF Studios MKE

"Re-Imaging Excellence in the Arts"

WoLF Studios MKE is a multi-genre Arts & Media production company focused on providing platforms and livable wages for Artists of Color. Through Event Curation, Performances and our studio space, we provide the platforms and tools for Artists to professionally create and thrive.

Our Vision

WoLF Studios envisions an Arts Community where Artists of Color are equitably valued and compensated for their Artistic, Professional and Cultural contributions to the Arts.

This is accomplished by uplifting spaces owned by new faces, re-painting our Artistic Environment as collage of Artists and Art.

Our Story

WoLF Studios MKE began with Dance education, providing youth with opportunities to engage in the Arts. Over the course of COVID-19, we expanded our company vision to not only encouraging young artists to create, but building the Artistic Infrastructure they'll one day inherit.

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