Owner and founder of WoLF Studios, Wanyah L. Frazier is an innovative member of Milwaukee’s artistic community. As a choreographer, performer, and teacher, Wanyah provides a fresh approach to traditional movement interpretation. Starting with Ballroom dance at the age of 11, he has since expanded his artistic repertoire to Contemporary, Latin Styles, Afrobeats and African. Driven by a desire to provide artistic inspiration to youth while developing progressive business-minded artists, he has partnered with local companies such as Arts@Large, Danceworks and Nō Studios. Through community classes, performances, workshops, and school residencies, Wanyah expresses his dedication to “Dance as a Life Skill” and contributes to the expansion of Milwaukee’s Artistic Community and engages Art-lovers throughout the Midwest.

“At their core, people and movement are the same. What we call differences are simply artistic interpretations."

Wanyah L.

WoLF Studios

WoLF Studios is founded on the principle that anyone, from any background can pursue a career in the arts if they have dedication, are provided quality training, relatable mentors and adequate resources.

With this principle at our core, we are dedicated to the expansion of Milwaukee's art community and the cultivation of a progressive, more diverse and inclusive artistic environment.

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