Dance Performance

Owner & Founder

Wanyah Leon

“To me, Art is the embodiment of purity; the moments when we are most honest with our creativity, our limitations, and our desires.” ~ Wanyah Leon

Creative Director

Wanyah Leon Frazier, Owner and Founder of WoLF Studios MKE, comes from a family of Artists & Creatives. Beginning his dance journey at the age of 11, he has since performed alongside Alvin Ailey II, the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, DPMKE, Forever Tango and the Gina Laurenzi Project. Coupled with his love for Dance and Performing, is the desire to teach. Believing that there is room for a new era of Arts Professionals, Wanyah began WoLF Studios MKE, with the intent to provide platforms for young/emerging Artists to showcase their work, while learning the ins and outs of business.

Dedicated to re-shaping the Arts, Wanyah continues to innovate new ways of approaching Art, equity, and representation.

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