No Studios Dancefest - Featuring Alvin Ailey II

This weekend I had the privilege to perform alongside Alvin Ailey II at No Studio's first Annual Dancefest! I cannot express the excitement and nerves that went into this show but it was all worth it in the end.

Getting Ready

This opportunity was nerve racking! Partly due to the magnitude of performing next to such a big name, but mostly because of the deadline. I had to create an 8 minute piece in 20 days!!! May not sound like a lot but I was starting from scratch. I had to find 3 other artists to perform with, figure out what i wanted to do, find the right songs, rehearse, get all the artists on the same page, figure out costuming and create the actual pieces from the ground up. It was a ruthless process, but in the end, by some miracle, it came together.

Show Day

Once show day came around and most of my preparations were complete, I was at wits end! As a team we had already clocked over 30 hours of practice. But somehow it all just clicked on to place once we got on stage. Looking back I cant really remember what happened or how we looked. I really dove into the piece, in hindsight i realize that i have so much further to go and so much more to learn. However, I'm pleased with what I was able to accomplish with what I had on hand.

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