The Mix Works

During one of my classes today, a teacher told me, " the mix works." She was referring to the diversity of her classroom. We began to discuss our teaching experiences and together we realized, that the more color in the room, the better the class community.

Same Culture, Same Problems

She believed that when a classroom community is heavily skewed towards one culture, there is significantly more in fighting. "I taught a class with predominately African - American students and there was non stop fighting.... another class that was predominately white had the same problems".

My Take

After working with this group, I understood some of what she was saying. This was by far one of the best groups of students I have taught. They were extremely open minded, engaged and eager to learn. But the most amazing thing about this group was the classroom community. They engaged with one another, no one was left out of the group, the energy was amazing. I do believe diverse classrooms should shape the future of education. That may be the the solution for most of the issues our country faces today.

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