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Dance is for everybody. I believe that the dance came from the people and that it should always be delivered back to the people.

-Alvin Ailey






Residencies are a great way to diversify program culture and provide students with a physical and artistic outlet for expression. They are designed to explore dance fundamentals while engaging students in fun movement activities.

Our Residency Offerings:

Afrobeats | Ballet| Contemporary | Latin Styles | Tap | Tumbling | Urban Styles/Hip-Hop


Dance is an excellent tool for developing positive practices key to maintaining lifelong health. Dance, regardless of style, practices full body engagement and can be a great way to combat the stigma that physical health and maintenance can only happen in the gym.


Our Teaching Artists acknowledge and measure the students’ overall growth using a brief end-of-program showcase. Performing builds self-confidence and enhances the learning process by holding the students accountable for retaining and comprehending knowledge.


To promote engagement and expression, class material will often be a combination of our Teaching Artists' lesson plans and student input. Art has a foundation; however, its beauty lies in individual interpretation. Students will be encouraged to adapt movement to their own body and, with some guidance, create their own.

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