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A Movement Series

 October 2020


ReVibe is a bi-monthly livestreamed movement experience showcasing 7 BIPOC movement and spoken word artists from across Milwaukee. Featuring a mix of curated and open-call artists, each show is comprised of original genre-bending works. In addition to receiving compensation for their performance, each Artist receives a “ReVibe Branding Experience”, designed to provide professionally shot video reels, live stream footage, and a full photoshoot.

ReVibe is a core branch of our Revive Movement Initiative (designed to inspire artistic participation in the arts while providing avenues for youth to pursue the arts professionally). ReVibe serves to create an environment or a “Vibe”, that is easily visible and easily relatable. It’s all about strengthening the connection between the Community and Artists of color by showcasing what these Artists are doing and why they're worth investing in.

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