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Coming Winter 2023


ReVibe is a bi-annual curated performance experience featuring the best of emerging Artist from Milwaukee and the Midwest. A combination of original works from Musicians, Poets and Dancers each show is unique look at the hidden jewels in our community.

The Vision

Our vision for ReVibe is a tangible and relatable performance platform that bridges the varying worlds of the Performing Arts. Through authentic representation and a focus on excellence, ReVibe is a calling card for innovative Artist.

|ReVibe is Fiscally Sponsored by MARN|

The ReVibe Experience

As a ReVibe Artist, performers receive the following:


Equitable Compensation for their Performance

The ReVibe Branding Package

2-hour Styling Session

Promotional Photo/Video Shoot

Pre-recorded Performance Reel

10-Minute Live Performance

Live Performance Reel

Professional Light and Sound

|ReVibe is Fiscally Sponsored by MARN|

Last Year's Sponsors

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