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What We do

Through a multi-media multi-cultural lens, we produce cross-genre projects and experiences that bring ideas to life.

Concerts, Festivals, Exhibitions, Short Films and Interactive Workshops; through innovation and design we develop unique pathways to change.

Brain Storming on Paper

Project Design & Management

Entertainment or Academic, WoLF Studios designs projects and programs to accomplish any vision.

With a focus on creating work with impact, we utilize innovative thinking and adaptive execution to produce unique results.


Space Activation

Through partnerships we help create meaningful, impactful and resonant creative experiences.

Our events and site specific projects specialize in using the Arts to creatively activate spaces throughout our city.


Artist Management

From Booking Support to Brand Development, we help Artists of all genres pursue lasting professional careers.

With connections across the Midwest arts community and our self-produced creative projects, we work with Artist to build the careers they envision.

Have an Idea? Let us Help!

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