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Youth Performance Company

September 4th

Shaping the Next Generation of Artists


Our Mission

To shape the next generation of performing artists through professional training and multi-faceted mentorship



More than just learning to dance, we aim to encourage our students to explore what dance means to them and find their own way to embody movement



A dancer’s body is their instrument. Through rigorous weekly training and a targeted curriculum our pre-professional program is designed to build a dance athlete.

Beautiful Dancer


In the ever-evolving world of dance, it is imperative that dancers be able to adapt and grow. Our training program provides students training in a range of dance forms, building well-rounded movers.



The foundation of our curriculum is technique and methodology. By learning the safest and best ways to approach movement, we build dancers with exceptional skill and a long career.

Our Vision

WoLF Studios MKE envisions a revitalized professional dance community, that provides children with the training, mentorship, and work ethic to actively “compete” in the national dance community. From the studio to the stage, we provide a comprehensive pre-professional dance program with a focus on excellence and impact.

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